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How It Works

In just a few easy steps you could be saving thousands in property taxes.

Step 1:
Create a free account profile.

We just need your name, email, phone, then choose a password. There is no cost to create your account.

Step 2:
Add your properties.

We just need each property address and current tax assessed value.

You can add properties individually, or upload an entire spreadsheet. You can add residential or commercial properties.

Step 3:
Instant qualification process.

Our proprietary algorithm instantly determines if we can save you money.

We'll qualify each property individually and let you know if it is possible to reduce your taxes.

Step 4:
Authorize us to represent you.

Download the authorization forms, sign and send it back to us.

That's it! We get to work saving you money.

Why Choose Us


Instant Online Qualification

Our proprietary algorithm instantly determines if we can save you money. You can add one or multiple property addresses or even upload an entire spreadsheet of addresses.

Our system immediately goes to work calculating how much we can likely save you in property taxes for each property. You'll know instantly if it's possible for us to save you money.

No Hassle, No Risk

No Hassle, No Risk

No upfront cost and no risk. You'll only pay if we save you money. We simply charge you a percentage of the amount we save you.

We handle all the paperwork, including filing costs and expenses. You qualify for a refund and lower tax assessment.


It Pays to Save!

Not only do we work hard to get you money back in your pocket with a refund, but your lower assessment can also carry forward.

For every dollar saved in taxes, it's common to increase the sellable value of your property by 8 to 20 times that savings. For example, by simply saving $1000 on your taxes, your property could increase in sellable value by $8000 to over $20,000. It pays to save on taxes!

We've Saved Our Customers Over


in Tax Value Reduction

Your Tax Assessed Value

Assessed Tax Value is a value assigned to your property by the local government and you pay property taxes based on this figure. The lower your Assessed Tax Value the less in taxes you owe. We at AppealTaxesNow are experts at reducing Assessed Tax Value, which in turn, lowers the taxes due on your property and can qualify you for a refund.

We specialize in working with real estate investors, property managers, and investment properties of all sizes – from one rent house to large commercial properties. As Level III Property Assessors we have the expertise and insider relationships needed to save you the most on your taxes. Whether you own 5 properties or 500, our property tax appeal process will save you money and hassle.

Our cutting edge appeal technology along with insider knowledge of the tax appeal game gets you larger reductions in your assessments and keeps more profits in your pocket.

Save more. No hassle.

They Love Us, You Will Too!

Barb Getty

So much easier than trying to go down to the city-county building on my own! I submitted the paperwork online and they took it from there. I have several rental properties and they were able to get the taxes lowered on over half of them. Very pleased!

Douglas Skipworth

We have used AppealTaxesNow for the past few years and have been very successful in reducing our property values and taxes. The company does an awesome job representing us. I can't imagine a day when we won't be using their services. Thanks, AppealTaxesNow!

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