Going Nationwide

We’re Going National!

Founded in Indianapolis, IN, AppealTaxesNow (ATN) began appealing property taxes for investors and homeowners in the community in 2009. As investors and real estate brokers, our founders began developing technology to help evaluate properties and their investment potential. As they did so, they began to recognize that they, along with thousands of other Hoosiers were being greatly overcharged for their property taxes. Finding this inequitable, our founders began utilizing their technology to decrease property taxes and increase ROIs for themselves and those they knew, eventually launching this service into AppealTaxesNow.

For the last eight years, ATN has been working vigorously at decreasing unfair property taxes for Hoosiers and we are excited to announce that we will be expanding our reach! Over the next two years, ATN will be launching our services into another 10 states (and counting)! We are beginning our new phase by now offering our services in Georgia along with Indiana!

It is an honor to serve our home state and to help other Hoosiers get the refunds they deserve and we anticipate it will be just as exciting to begin helping people around the nation even the playing field between the taxpayer and the assessor’s office, navigating the appeals process and negotiating so our clients receive the refund and property assessment that they deserve.

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