Let Us (Re)Introduce Ourselves

Whether you are an old friend to AppealTaxesNow or a new client interested in our services, let us (re)introduce ourselves. Founded in 2009, AppealTaxes-Now has been helping homeowners and investors like you lower their property taxes and increase their ROI for nearly 8 years and we are just getting started! In preparation for our ever-expanding business, we have launched our new site and are excited to finally share it with you!

The core of who we are is still the same: stopping unfair property taxes around the nation, we’ve just received a fancy new makeover to hopefully make our site more welcoming and easier to navigate.

Why the new change? We want the appeals process to be as easy as it can be and we think our new website architecture helps us achieve that goal! We also hope it provides a better understanding of who we want to be as a company; accessible, straight to the point and simple to use.

We constantly are looking for new ways to serve our clients and make the appeals process that much easier! Our website launch is our newest endeavor aimed at achieving ease of use for homeowners and investors alike. That’s why your opinion matters! Feel free to share your feedback, ask any questions and make any suggestions on how we might improve our site to better serve you!

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