Does Lowering My Property Tax Increase My Portfolio Value and ROI?

You bet it does! Most investors know that you can increase your return on investment (ROI) in two ways: increasing rent or decreasing expenses (of course, you could do both and really make a profit). Increasing rent or prices can become complicated and it can be increasingly difficult to manage expectations of consumers. However, one way you can easily increase your ROI without the hassle of increasing rent or prices is to appeal your property tax. It will reduce your overhead cost and ultimately could save you thousands of dollars!

For example, imagine there are two properties, both the same type and in the same neighborhood. Property Owner 1 does not appeal and continues to pay $2,500 a year in property tax. That’s $208 per month. Property Owner 2 appeals their property tax and begins only paying $1,500 a year for the identical home ($125 per month).  Property Owner 2 ends up saving $83 dollars monthly or nearly $1000 year in taxes. All of this savings is just from appealing the value that the county assigned to your property.

With ATN appealing your property tax is easy. There is no risk involved. You don’t have to pay unless you receive a credit or refund on your property taxes! So why not try to reduce your expenses and increase your return?

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